Read an extract from Prof Jonathan Jansen’s new book Learning Lessons and a chapter from Marion Scher’s book, Surfacing – People coping with Depressions and Mental Illness.


To the Edges of the Earth – A Journey into Wild Land tells the story behind the epic journey Peter and Beverly Pickford took to photograph the wildest remaining places on earth.
Although we can’t travel beyond the borders of our country this Christmas we can join Beverly and Peter on their journey through the storms of Antarctica, the quiet brooding of ancient Patagonian forest, and discover the vast vistas and wild denizens of Alaska and the Yukon.
Feel the potent scrutiny of a polar bear in the Arctic, suffer the lack of oxygen of the Tibetan Plateau, the loneliness of the deserted Australian Kimberley, and sleep beside lions in the chill dawn of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast to culminate ultimately, as all journeys should, in a powerful evocation of who we are and our subconscious association and bond with the planet that is our home.

To the Edges of the Earth will be available countrywide in-store and on-line in November 2020.
The only book you will want to read this holiday and the perfect gift.