Make Work Work For You – Life Lessons for the world of work

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The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we think about work – we’ve had the great resignation, the quiet quitters and those determined to always work from home. But not everyone can afford to quit, what happens to those overwhelmed by a work environment that leaves them feeling defeated or maybe just resigned to putting up with it?

Judy Klipin draws on years of coaching people through problems in their work environment to offer practical ways to make sure that your work works for you, asking questions like:

  • Is the physical work environment sapping your energy?
  • Are the toxic office politics driving you mad?
  • Is relentless stress pushing you to the point of burnout?
  • Do you have burnout as a result of ongoing stress and distress?
  • Are your values reflected in the work you do?

By looking at what is and isn’t working for you at work, you can draw up a list of what needs to change. Using the Wheel of Work tool, Judy helps you identify the choices you have in how to respond to the situations you find yourself in at work. Case studies show you how other people have successfully developed the skills to improve their working experience.




Judy Klipin is a Martha Beck certified Master Life Coach based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has a master’s degree in social sciences. She offers individual, group and corporate coaching and workshops. Judy also provides training and supervision for coaches and mentors. She is the author of Recover from your Childhood: Life Lessons for the Adult Child and Recover from Burnout: Life Lessons to Regain Your Passion and Purpose.