Andrew Levy’s Labour Law in Practice

A guide for South African Employers
Author: Jackie Kelly, Daniel Levy, Andrew Levy
ISBN: 978-1-920434-04-5
Publication date: 1 September 2010
Recommended retail price: R270.00
176 pages, soft cover, C format (243 x 153mm)

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Every business needs to be aware of the complexities of South African labour law, whether they employ one person or 1 000 people, they are governed by these laws. In this accessible guide, South Africa’s foremost expert on the subject helps employers through the employment minefield. It includes chapters on: • Employment contracts, including definitions of who is an employee • Labour disputes, both individual and collective • Disciplinary hearings. This guide brings businesses up-to-date with the latest issues in South African labour law including the changes to the law in 2010. Cross referenced to the Andrew Levy Employment website for additional resources.

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