Lose the Business Plan EBOOK

What they don’t teach you about being an entrepreneur
Author: Allon Raiz
ISBN: 978-1-920434-71-7
Publication date: 7 December 2011
Recommended retail price: R145.00


96% of small businesses fail within ten years – so what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? How can you beat the statistics and create and grow a successful business? Allon Raiz challenges readers to find their entrepreneurial passion and to have the courage to stay focused and determined to find the path to business success. Raiz has made a business out of growing entrepreneurs and he knows that success is not about the business plan, it is about the drive of the entrepreneur. In Lose the Business Plan Raiz shares the lessons he has learnt and seen others learn on the road to business success. Readers learn to recognise whether they have what it takes to follow this path and find the skills most needed for entrepreneurial success.

What readers say:

I just finished reading your book ” Loose the Business Plan”. I must say, reading your book was like you were talking to me directly and most of the points you make helped me see my business more clearly. Marius

Started reading it yesterday morning, went to work, came home last night started reading again. Woke up twice..kept reading. Finished 8:30 am… ‘Superb book. You have cut through the academic theory and have given ‘true blue’ real world tips on how it is and ‘dead on’ guidance to both new business owners and ones who have been on the entrepreneur trail along time.’ U definitely cryrtalized for me what I need to do to see the rewards I so desire.

This is the first book I have picked up and read in “one go” (in one evening without putting it down). I even managed to convinced my fiancé who doesn’t read to read it! I hope you find time in the future to write another one. Rozlyn

This book has confirmed to me that I am on the right path and although times are tough for me at the moment I have learnt it is part of the process and I am embracing all the challenges I am going through’ thanx this is the best new years present I have ever bought myself. Thami

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