The Ultimate South African Business Companion (5th Edition)

Forms, Templates and Checklists for Everyday Use: Updated Fifth Edition
Author: Lesley-Caren Johnson
ISBN: 9781928257660
Publication date: 1 July 2019
Recommended retail price: R400.00

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The Ultimate Business Companion CD contains all the business forms, templates and checklists that effective South African business owners and managers need to increase efficiency and growth in their businesses. The book explains how the forms fit into business processes, explains why and how each section should be completed, and guides the reader in the most effective ways to utilise the documents.

Updates to the Fifth edition include:

  • All new forms and requirements for starting a business as found on CIPC website
  • Forms for registration as a taxpayer and VAT vendor
  • Updated marketing chapter to include new forms of reaching customers such as social media
  • Updated agreements to comply with new legislation
  • Updated procedures for safety in the workplace
  • Updated information related to good corporate governance, specifically in terms of King Report IV
  • Updated BEE info, specifically B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice

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