How to Fix South Africa’s Schools

Lessons from schools that work
Author: Molly Blank, Jonathan Jansen
ISBN: 9781920434625
Publication date: 1 February 2014
Recommended retail price: R280.00
Softcover with 2 x DVDs, Trade paperback (234 x 153mm), 180 pages



Everybody knows that South Africa has an education crisis, despite the fact that the government spends the biggest slice of its budget on education, more than any other African country. And yet the crisis persists.

Jansen and Blank looked at South African schools that work, in spite of adverse conditions – schools in poor communities, schools with overcrowded classrooms, schools in both rural and urban environments – and have drawn out the practical strategies that make them successful.

19 short films (included on DVD) let you visit these schools and understand in the words of their principals, teachers and learners what makes them succeed. Then take look at the 10 key strategies identified and see how to implement them in other schools to effect transformation. As we have come to expect from Jansen, there are no complicated theories, no difficult to implement solutions – just lots of common sense!

Information on school improvement workshops and downloadable workshop templates.

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