Marlene van der Westhuizen

Marlene van der Westhuizen, chef and owner of the Food Studio, Green Point, as well as author of a number of very successful cookbooks, lives in the Cape. She runs very popular cooking courses at her Greenpoint Food Studio and at their home in the French village of Charroux. She is also Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire du Cap of the Chaine des Rotisseurs.

Marlene van der Westhuizen, chef en eienaar van die Food Studio in Groenpunt, en skrywer van ‘n paar baie suksesvolle kookboeke, woon in die Kaap. Haar kookklasse by Food Studio in Groenpunt en by haar huis in die Franse dorpie Charroux is besonder gewild. Sy is Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire van die Wes-Kaapse tak van die internasionale kulinêre Vereniging Chaine des Rotisseurs.


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