Made with Love – Recipes and Memories from Nelson Mandela’s Personal Chef




“This house was not just a house; it was a welcoming home. This hotel means a lot to me because it is still welcoming people to come and reflect on who Tata was and what he has given to people.”
– Xoliswa Ndoyiya

“To many of us in the family, Sis’ Xoli was more than Tat’omkhulu’s personal chef, she was a big sister and a mother to many of my younger cousins and our children. The only dampener to her incredible labour of love and care was the fact that her own family and children did not benefit as much as Tat’omkhulu and his family did. In the kitchen she cooked up a storm, and many family members developed a preference for her special dishes. For me, each meal tasted like food prepared at an à la carte five-star restaurant – breakfast, lunch, and supper equally delectable. E-V-E-R-Y D-A-Y!”
– Nandi Mandela


Xoliswa Ndoyiya, Nelson Mandela’s personal chef for 22 years and now Chef de Tournant at Sanctuary Mandela, shares the dishes that Tata loved most.